You can hire me

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While work is ongoing on the Weceem CMS project, I have 1-2 weeks per month of my time free for contracting work from September 2009.

Just a refresher… I am a Grails contributor (although most code contributions are from a year or more back now, I’ve been too busy with plugins), and I have written the following plugins: functional-testingnavigationemail-confirmationfeedsauthenticationdebugstatic-resourcespostcode and morph-deploy. As a result I have an in-depth understanding of the Grails ecosystem, as well as building real-world sites/applications with Grails for high profile brands.

I have also contributed to the mail plugin, and of course there’s my continued paid involvement in Weceem CMS.

My particular strengths other than coding are in architecting Grails plugins and applications, application usability and developer mentoring, and producing screencasts as training materials.

If you are interested please mail me at

Grails gun for hire…

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So your company is starting a new exciting project in 2009 and you want to use the latest and best technologies in the Java space? Or maybe you’re keen to get some mentoring, training or support for existing Grails development. Perhaps you just have a need for an extra experienced developer. Maybe you even want to sponsor the development of a plugin you need for Grails… for example a user agent filtering plugin, an iPhone UI plugin, a forums plugin or…

Well I’ve got capacity for new work for Jan 2009 onwards, as I’m nearing the end of my stint with Historic Futures, but still have some time to run on the Grails CMS project consulting.

Please drop me a line (marc at if you would like to discuss.