Design compromise, usability, iBooks and Apple

Design compromise, usability, iBooks and Apple

Posted by: on Sep 9, 2011 | One Comment

I hear many people complain about the “cheesy” book binding and page metaphor in iOS iBooks and other similar UI choices Apple have made in iOS and OS X Lion. I think iBooks is a special case… here’s why.

Why leaving the house sucks

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This is a perhaps atypical post for me… Long ish but hopefully interesting.

I often feel like I’m in the wrong job. I love the real world, being outside, being with my family. Staying indoors all the time in front of a computer is a bind, thought it obviously conveys benefits to my family so one can’t complain. I am also incredibly privileged to spend most of my time applying my sometimes hard to constrain creative urges, rather than plodding along doing dull grey work.

Working outside of the corporate office is something that all companies should strive to support. It is challenging, buy we should be driving forward developments to make it less so for more people. There was a recent article about this and increased productivity I read, and it holds true.