The new 4OD web player is shit

Posted by: on Nov 23, 2011 | 21 Comments

Tonight my wife and I wanted to catch up with Misfits on 4OD. The result can only be described as being shafted by bad business choices, bad design and bad code.

Design compromise, usability, iBooks and Apple

Design compromise, usability, iBooks and Apple

Posted by: on Sep 9, 2011 | One Comment

I hear many people complain about the “cheesy” book binding and page metaphor in iOS iBooks and other similar UI choices Apple have made in iOS and OS X Lion. I think iBooks is a special case… here’s why.

I’m now sold on twitter but please stop the followbots

Posted by: on Jan 22, 2009 | No Comments

I used to think twitter was a load of crap. But now I get it. At least it get it as a direct channel to your self organising network – not “what are you doing?”

Anyway followbot spam is boring and will just get worse and worse.

So why not require email confirmation with captcha entry for the first follow request, and then random
Spot confirmations on future follows on accounts with a high follow to followed ratio?

Problem solved.

The Co-operative Bank online banking… again (!)

Posted by: on Jan 14, 2009 | 48 Comments

The uselessness of Co-op Bank’s online business banking is a long running saga on my blog.

The latest twist, which I noticed some weeks ago, is as follows. Previously lots of problems with CORBA_NO_RESOURCES errors coming back to you when you try to do stuff.

It doesn’t take an IT consultant to guess this means their servers are overloaded.

Which is why I am a little cynical when I see that they have changed all the payment reporting screens to default to show only payments from TODAY by default. Where you used to see a history of recent payments immediately, you always have to select a date range and do a report now.

Why cynical? Well you could argue that this was a cheap way to further inconvenience customers reduce load on the database systems.

Dear Co-op bank. I’m getting more and more people contacting me via blog comments saying how fed up they are. You are going to lose a lot of business if you don’t sort this out.

Press RED to start

Posted by: on Dec 19, 2008 | One Comment

I was in a car park today and genuinely struggled to press the RED button to get my ticket. Which idiot designed that, and put up instructions to press the red button?