Tips on giving technical talks

Tips on giving technical talks

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Giving talks to conferences or user groups on technical subjects is actually quite hard to do really well.

Speaking at JAX London 2010

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They’ve firmed up the timetable now and it seems I’m on the last day where the Groovy & Grails track is happening – at the same time that there’s a Java EE 6 talk. So I’m hoping that all the smart people will be over at my talk

Full details of the JAX London 2010 program are here

…and here’s the overview of what my talk (which is not written yet, but is roughly fleshed out) will be about:

Grails is the hot property in rapid web application development frameworks on the Java platform, attracting around 90,000 downloads per month. It uses the Groovy language but is nonetheless primarily a Java-based stack. This makes it a perfect fit for Java development teams. Most programmers I talk to want to be working with Grails more in their day job because it is actually great fun and incredibly productive. However organisations are often resistant to change and may not be as excited as they should be about the opportunities Grails offers their business. This talk will give you some insights into the power of Grails and ways to ease your organisation into a more productive and enjoyable era of development – for the good of all concerned!

The talk is listed as “basics” , which I suppose is fair but I expected to present some reasonably advanced concepts for non-Grails users in terms of ways to use Grails and plugins.

I’m crapping myself to be honest, no idea how big the conf rooms will be etc. Gulp. It should be fun though. Knowing how high or low to pitch it at a general-purpose Java conf is tricky though. I see the Rails crowd have a “twitter in about an hour”. I’m hoping to pitch something a bit more “get grails working within your existing enterprise systems” which I think may be a bit more relevant to the crowd.

Comments on this appreciated, especially from JAX veterans – I’ve never been myself.