My JAX London 2010 talk now online in video form

Posted by: on Feb 25, 2010 | 6 Comments

I delivered my talk “Yes you CAN use Grails” yesterday at JAX London 2010, and it was well received. Unfortunately nobody was videoing it, and as the slides are “Presentation Zen” style you won’t get much from the official slides from JAX. It talks about Grails basics and how Grails is the perfect fit for existing Java development shops, and the things you need to know to make it possible to use it in your workplace. Well, at least you can try.

So I recorded myself doing the talk here at home and have uploaded a screencast of it all for those of you who are interested. Its not so good the second try – you had to be there for the best version

Click the thumbnail to download the MOV. Its about 47 minutes. Its probably going to cost me a fortune having it on Amazon S3!

Also available as a torrent.

People interested in making the case for Grails may be interested in an older post of mine that I’d completely forgotten about – “10 common misconceptions about Grails”.

Grails mail plugin 0.4 released, as well as the first “Grails Rocks” screencast

Posted by: on Sep 25, 2008 | 10 Comments

I released version 0.4 of the grails-mail plugin in the Grails plugin repo the other day, but have not posted about it as I’ve been busy working on-site. I’ve also been putting together a screencast that shows how to use the plugin in the most basic scenario and also render content from GSPs from within services.

To install the plugin, which adds support for rendering the mail body from a GSP from within a controller, service or job, run: grails install-plugin mail

Full docs for the mail plugin are here.

To view the “Using the Grails mail plugin” screencast, click on the thumbnail or go to the fledgling “Grails Rocks” page.

This is the first Grails Rocks screencast, but I hope to do many more. The next one is already planned, for the forthcoming release of the Email Confirmation plugin – which was dependent on this mail plugin 0.4 release.