Tips on giving technical talks

Tips on giving technical talks

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Giving talks to conferences or user groups on technical subjects is actually quite hard to do really well.

Non-programming books for Christmas?

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Maybe you’re stuck for ideas for christmas gifts… well I thought I’d throw up links to the best books I’ve read recently (caveat: still making my way through Tribes and Market Schmarket).

These are nothing to do with programming, but everything to do with modern business and the world.

Presentation Zen – on a mission to end the bullet lists of doom we are all subjected to. A must read.

Under Cover Economist – a very accessible quick introduction to the way economists think, and why that Starbucks coffee comes in so many configurations!

Tribes – an excellent work discussing peoples’ need to belong, and how new businesses that really want to make change have to lead such tribes. The days of big advertising budgets yielding good returns are pretty much gone…

Understanding Comics – a seminal work that is not just for those into comics (I’m not). Its about how comics excel at getting across information with minimal detail. How they take a reader on a journey. How the simplest images are often the most iconic and the best way to convey a message.

Market Schmarket – a look at how the global markets work (or rather don’t) for us.

Some nicely done slides for a Grails presentation

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I just noticed a slideshare that Sven Haiges put up on his linkedin profile. It’s a nice set of slides following very much the Presentation Zen concepts of clear concise messages and emphatically NOT reading the slides to your audience. As a result you won’t get much from the slides in terms of information, but you can imagine how great it would have been to have Sven telling you directly all about Grails.

NOTE: This slide set implies that I wrote the documentation for Grails. I did contribute some but trust me the vast majority is from Graeme Rocher, an insanely hardworking man! I don’t know why people assume it is me doing extra stuff; people also thought that as I did a Grails-mail screencast that I wrote the plugin – again I just contributed. I suppose it’s flattering, but credit where credit’s due!