This is just depressing

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Someone crushed to death in the sales at a Walmart store, how very depressing.

Peak oil and food shortages haven’t even kicked in yet. Wait for the AK-47 toting hordes who will be raiding the supermarkets come day 3 after chronic oil shortages make it apparent that the shops cannot re-stock their shelves.

Always nice to end on a note of cheer before bed eh.

Consume… come on… buy something

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I got the link to this very amusing video from our local Transition town mailing list.

“What do you fancy eating tonight?” – a thing of the past?

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We’ve become used to being able to just eat almost anything that takes our fancy at any time, but in the coming years this is likely to have to change. Not only are rising food costs and scarcity going make some products a luxury rather than every day commodities, people are going to have a rising awareness of the ethical issues behind the food they buy.

A piece on a possible ratings scheme system for food products shows the way things may end up going. However I personally doubt any supermarket is going to do anything that means ugly red “bad bad bad!” marks showing up on any of their products. Who wants to be seen to be selling “bad” things?

It may well be that Kenyan beans and Zambian mangetout end up being the first casualties of the coming food miles awareness.

The basic issue is however that we have to accept that we will have to eat more seasonally, and this for many will mean a major shift in diet.