Aftermath: Groovy & Grails Exchange 2012

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Last weekend I got back from “Groovy & Grails Exchange 2012″ (AKA #GGX 2012) and have only just found the time to write about it.

Overall it was a great conference, the best GGX I’ve been to – and I’ve attended most of them. To my knowledge it was sold out, there were certainly no spare seats when everyone convened in the main hall, and standing room only for several talks.

Back from Groovy & Grails Exchange 2009

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Or #ggx as it was tagged on Twitter. Surely conferences will start calling themselves stuff like #ggx2010 ¬†instead of “real” names to help their memes spread more thoroughly. Anyway, I degress.

I had a good time at the conference, very nice to meet up with real people who use grails and plugins. I was particularly interest in the keynotes and the talks by Burt (@burtbeckwith) on scalability and Venkat (@venkat_s) on DSLs. I was impressed by Sebastian’s (@sebi2706) iWebkit plugin talk too – it looks so easy to get an iPhone web UI with it. Although, I can see issues with user agent detection and using bean-fields plugin with it, that I would need to tackle first.

Anyway, there was a question that I didn’t ask at the parkbench panel at the end, which will be subject of another post…