Announcing the launch of for Co-operative Bank customers

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Over the weekend I wanted to start getting to grips with our personal finances. Where does all the money go eh?

I ended up launching a new free utility for The Co-operative Bank customers.

Grails Resources 1.2 Kickstarter is off to a good start

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A couple of days ago I launched the Resources 1.2 Kickstarter project. The project is to resolve at least 46 issues in the Resources plugin and complete a final 1.2 release of it along with much improved test coverage and updates to some related plugins (see Kickstarter for exhaustive details).

We’ve already hit 10% funding in less than two days, with less than thirty backers. I know at least 110 people were prepared to buy the Resources LeanPub book (if it gets made) so there’s a lot more people out there interested in supporting this work with funds.

Email Confirmation 2.0.7 and my first e-book!

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I’ve released Grails Email Confirmation 2.0.7, you can see the announcement here.

I’ve also created (and almost completed) a Lean Publishing e-book as a high quality user guide for the plugin.

The recent Rails exploits and Grails

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Last week saw a couple of Rails vulnerabilities announced relating to binding parameters from requests. When such announcements come up I always try to apply the same thinking to Grails to make sure we are not affected too. There’s nothing worse than chuckling at yet another exploit in another framework and then being hit by it yourself.

You can now call me for paid support/advice

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In the ongoing experiment to find ways to have more time to work on my various free open source Grails plugins, I have started using

This service, as you can see in the side bar on the right of this page, lets you book time with me for a call for which you pay $2 per minute. This means you can limit the time of your call and how much you spend, but you can also get professional help from me without requiring contracts or any longer term commitments.

I don’t expect this to generate a lot of revenue, but who knows it could help. Perhaps you will be my first caller?