In the Grails plugin repository, you can find the following plugins I have written or contributed to:

  • platform-core – a set of APIs to provide functionality to allow the Grails plugin ecosystem to achieve better integration
  • email-confirmation – a plugin for handling sending of email address confirmation mails with click-through links, token management etc.
  • weceem – a powerful yet easy to use CMS that I do work on for jCatalog AG
  • taxonomy – adds really easy hierarchical “tagging” of domain classes, with methods to access all instances that have “tags” that are descendents or children of a given “tag”
  • cache-headers – dynamic “cache” method added to controllers to set all those horrible caching headers easily
  • one-time-data – like flash scope but based on a single-use unique identifier, so that the data can be retrieved once only, but at “any” point in the future (in the current session). Useful for non-repeatable information display to users. Does not suffer the “flash leakage into wrong request” problem.
  • invitation-only - manages beta-invitation requests for your application
  • jquery-ui - Bundles the jQuery UI library’s resources
  • resources – new resource management framework
  • cached-resources – hashing and eternal caching of resources
  • zipped-resources – gzipping of resources
  • lamer-filter – warns MSIE6 users that your site is best viewed in another browser
  • mail - “the” Grails mail plugin, written by Jeff Brown, Graeme Rocher and myself (I made a screencast and everyone seems to think that means I wrote the whole plugin!)
  • feeds - the RSS/Atom feed generating plugin
  • authentication - a simple “works out of the box” pure Grails authentication plugin
  • postcode - UK postcode lookup plugin (using free internal database)
  • functional-testing - a simple Grails-y functional web testing plugin
  • navigation - a plugin for zero-effort convention-based navigation menus in your applications


Grails documentation dashboard Widget for Mac OS X (written quickly and nastily in Javascript using Dashcode)

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