A change to my Grails plugins

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Here’s the deal. I’ve worked really hard in various ways to help push the Grails platform forward for the last 6 years or so. I absolutely love Grails and would not currently choose any other web framework to make web apps.

However it is completely unsustainable for me to work unpaid on this stuff, in fact I should have called this a year or two ago. Releasing plugins used in many peoples’ apps involves a high degree of responsibility, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Another Grails site goes live

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We’re still talking very Web 1.0 here but we’re also talking big brands, stability, data capture, high traffic. Anyone for OJ?


This site built with my colleagues at enotions Ltd uses Grails 0.4, ModelTagLib and StaticResourcePlugin. In particular, the primary parts of Grails it leverages are GORM (look mum no JDBC code! No ORM config hell!), GSP for all page content and SiteMesh for the GSP layouts.

AnyWare is now an authorised JIRA reseller

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We’re pleased to announce that we are now authorised resellers of Atlassian‘s excellent JIRA issue tracker. Based in the UK, we are able to provide localized JIRA advice, consultancy, customization and support.

This is rather exciting because we have been ardent JIRA admirers for several years now, and we’ve seen how it has been able to turn around the QA and productivity of companies who don’t yet have satisfactory issue tracking infrastructure.

JIRA is an extremely flexible web-based issue tracker that has an overriding simplicity to its use, but with great statistics and reporting features for managers. While many web-based applications are clunky and slow, by comparison JIRA is a wonderful pleasurable experience! JIRA licenses are server based, not by number of users, and prices start from £680 plus VAT.

We have already deployed JIRA with three clients, two for software development issue tracking, and another for general customer service enquiry handling for a high street soft drinks brand.

Please contact us for further details.