Announcing my new blog:

Announcing my new blog:

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I’ve decided to stop most of my blogging on this AnyWare blog which has served me well for nearly 10 years now. It has become too much of a mish-mash of topics.

Doing stuff for free, and who keeps communities alive?

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If you’ve never listened to Mule Radio’s “Let’s Make Mistakes” podcast, you probably should. Mike Monteiro and Leah Reich are smart and entertaining, and occasionally deliberately offensive (which I like). Most of my readers are likely to be programmers, and at first it might seem there is not much overlap. If you are a freelance developer or somebody who cares about running businesses that don’t suck, or have an interest in design you probably will get a lot from it. I do, and it also makes me laugh as much as it makes me think – which is quite a lot.

A change to my Grails plugins

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Here’s the deal. I’ve worked really hard in various ways to help push the Grails platform forward for the last 6 years or so. I absolutely love Grails and would not currently choose any other web framework to make web apps.

However it is completely unsustainable for me to work unpaid on this stuff, in fact I should have called this a year or two ago. Releasing plugins used in many peoples’ apps involves a high degree of responsibility, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Grails Resources 1.2 Kickstarter is off to a good start

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A couple of days ago I launched the Resources 1.2 Kickstarter project. The project is to resolve at least 46 issues in the Resources plugin and complete a final 1.2 release of it along with much improved test coverage and updates to some related plugins (see Kickstarter for exhaustive details).

We’ve already hit 10% funding in less than two days, with less than thirty backers. I know at least 110 people were prepared to buy the Resources LeanPub book (if it gets made) so there’s a lot more people out there interested in supporting this work with funds.

Email Confirmation 2.0.7 and my first e-book!

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I’ve released Grails Email Confirmation 2.0.7, you can see the announcement here.

I’ve also created (and almost completed) a Lean Publishing e-book as a high quality user guide for the plugin.