Grails Resources 1.2 Kickstarter is off to a good start

Posted by: on Jan 30, 2013 | No Comments

A couple of days ago I launched the Resources 1.2 Kickstarter project. The project is to resolve at least 46 issues in the Resources plugin and complete a final 1.2 release of it along with much improved test coverage and updates to some related plugins (see Kickstarter for exhaustive details).

We’ve already hit 10% funding in less than two days, with less than thirty backers. I know at least 110 people were prepared to buy the Resources LeanPub book (if it gets made) so there’s a lot more people out there interested in supporting this work with funds. The Kickstarter has lots of info about the project, but in terms of why I’ve used Kickstarter it may help to give some more details.

Basically, I just can’t keep up with the Open Source workload. The opportunity cost to me is too great to spend many hours per week keeping up with all the issue and pull requests on my plugins, let alone develop new features. Development has become purely “needs based” for me because I really do have to pay the bills.

I have pursued other options, at not insignificant cost in time and cash:

  • Paid support subscriptions – no interest and cost a fortune in time and Merchant account & recurring payment API fees
  • E-books – some people will happily pay for books but its hard enough to make money on them let alone enough money to allow you to improve the code itself, which is what people really want

I hope the Kickstarter reaches its goal. In reality I think this is pretty unlikely unless we get some corporate backers. There are surely a lot of medium/large companies out there benefitting from the features Resources provides, and the corporate pledge levels include promo slots on this blog which gets a good amount of Grails specific traffic.