The Co-operative Bank online banking… again (!)

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The uselessness of Co-op Bank’s online business banking is a long running saga on my blog.

The latest twist, which I noticed some weeks ago, is as follows. Previously lots of problems with CORBA_NO_RESOURCES errors coming back to you when you try to do stuff.

It doesn’t take an IT consultant to guess this means their servers are overloaded.

Which is why I am a little cynical when I see that they have changed all the payment reporting screens to default to show only payments from TODAY by default. Where you used to see a history of recent payments immediately, you always have to select a date range and do a report now.

Why cynical? Well you could argue that this was a cheap way to further inconvenience customers reduce load on the database systems.

Dear Co-op bank. I’m getting more and more people contacting me via blog comments saying how fed up they are. You are going to lose a lot of business if you don’t sort this out.


  1. Andrew
    July 29, 2009

    Glad to read that I am no the only one! Spotted your blog whilst waiting for the Co-operative bank Business internet banking system to load and getting error after error. Guess I will just haver to wait unitl 7pm when it has cleared all the queued transation. I did raise the matter with their support staff – Below is my email to them 26 November 2008, on this very subject, and their reply.

    Dear Sir/Madam/Machine

    Hey Hoo! 3 days before month end and needing to pay suppliers and staff but
    getting the usual stream of 8516 errors. No, don’t say this is a one off
    and that you are working to address it. This has happened every month for
    the last two years. Reviews from other Business internet banking users
    confirm this too.


    Severity: E_MT_ERROR

    Message: org.omg.CORBA.NO_RESOURCES: vmcid: 0×0 minor code: 0 completed:

    Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR

    Payment Date Filter:
    And who suddenly decide to make the payment system completely unusable.
    Yes, really clever putting a Same day filter on the payment screen means
    you can’t see and Copy last months transactions. And get this, having
    changed the filter to see last months transactions, it reset to today’s
    date after every payment is queued. You need to sack the idiot that thought
    this up!

    Please invest in a proper grown up internet banking service rather than
    rely on something a spotty teenager knocked up one bored Sunday afternoon.
    It is broken and is not worth fixing.

    Yours sincerely (pissed off)


    and their reply…
    I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the internet banking service.

    That particular error message may appear when there is a lot of traffic
    using the system at a single time, particularly towards the end of the
    month. We appreciate this isn’t an ideal situation which is why we
    currently have the internet banking issues raised to the highest levels
    within the organisation and have plans to introduce a new system soon.

    Regarding making payments online, from the payments list you should be able
    to select ‘Save beneficiary’ from the actions list to store this particular
    beneficiary. The next time you pay this benefciiary simply click ‘Make new
    payment’ and the beneficiaries will all be listed to use again.

  2. Lewin
    August 26, 2009

    I’m with you here. We’ve been with the Co-op for three years. I have been complaining virtually every month since the begining. I actually get up at 6am to do the weekly payments on a Wednesday to reach staff for Friday.

  3. Marcus Stafford
    September 29, 2009

    Same with us. We are saving a screen shot of every error and we’ll print them out and fax them to the IT director at the end of the year, or maybe post them to his/her home. It’s getting ridiculous to try logging on a dozen times just to view the balance never mind actually trying to pay a bill.

  4. Marcus Graichen
    October 15, 2009

    “We appreciate this isn’t an ideal situation which is why we
    currently have the internet banking issues raised to the highest levels
    within the organisation and have plans to introduce a new system soon”

    :D …i have to smile as it is either that or throw phone and computer against the wall.
    The worst part for me is that when you are spending the customary 50 minutes on hold to try and solve the issue their automated hold message tells you “we are aware are online banking is a disaster and it is our utmost priority to resolve it” (well words to that effect anyway) …when the truth of the matter is that they have no intention to upgrade the system until …..SEP/NOV 2010 !!!

    ..when i suggested that telling this to the angry customers on hold was not exactly doing them any favours they did not seem to bothered.

    ..i am seriously starting to consider prying up the floorboards and keeping my money under there :)

  5. Marc Palmer
    October 16, 2009

    I think everybody should write to BBC R4′s MoneyBox about this. I have already. Perhaps only then will they get the message.

  6. Luke burford
    October 24, 2009

    Haven’t been able to access even the most basic details of my account (business) for at least 2 weeks.

    I’m a web designer. If I provided this level to clients I’d be screwed. Co-op’s internet banking is an absolute joke.

  7. Peter
    October 28, 2009

    Agree with all the posters. I complete joke. They also shut the site down at night UK time (so if you’re abroad and need to make a payment forget it). You can login but your account details are just not there.

    A regular closing time that is not disclosed or published anywhere.

    I finally dumped them and made the switch the HSBC this month. The comparison is staggering. HSBC’s service is super fast; much more secure (you receive a security fob which generates a number); and much better featured — I can delegate banking tasks to an employee and then just approve the transfers. Very clever. Not to mention that they support faster payments unlike Coop (even though they promised to for end of last year).

    Then for all that better service their Direct Business service is actually FREE!!! :-) . Co-op was free for a year but now for all the terrible service I was receiving £11/month annual charges; plus charges for transactions.

    Honestly. The Co-op is a joke. I would urge anyone with all but the most basic banking needs to steer clear.

  8. Ian Moore
    November 2, 2009

    Another web designer here and i would like to echo Luke’s comments.

    The co-op are supposed to care!

    Their online banking for business acccounts has been like this ever since they introduced it

    The online personal banking system however, is fine.

  9. Jake Howlett
    November 9, 2009

    Friday gone I opened a new account with HSBC and (once that’s done) will be moving to them (from co-op that is).

    I’ve had it with being told they’re doing something about it. Talk with your feet people and walk right out. Actions speak louder than words.

    Whenever using the online banking I’ve always had a picture in my head of one dusty old server in their basement clunking away. I bet it’s not even in a rack. just some old desktop PC with Windows 98 on it or something…


  10. Nicky Walker
    November 10, 2009

    Well they don’t even have the excuse of it being the end of the month just now, it’s the 10th of November and the system has been down since the 4th November. Brilliant service, don’t know about anyone else in business but personally i find it really easy to balance my cashflow when i haven’t been able to see any transactions on the account for 6 days! Don’t worry, I’ll get the paper statemants… oh wait, no I won’t, the postal strike saw to that. Excellent.
    I’ve now been on hold 21 mins…

  11. Isabella
    November 10, 2009

    I agree with all the posters – the Co-operative Business Banking is absolutely terrible. I choose them because my current account is with Smile (same bank but, by gosh, what a different experience) thinking that I would be met with the same efficiency – wrong! Combine this with the postal strike and a poor telephone support (average 30 minutes wait before someone picks up the phone)and there you have it (or don’t have it in my case). Since there is no will to improve this shambolic service I have no other option but to move my account elsewhere.

  12. AndrewT
    November 10, 2009

    Our business involves a significant number of transactions every single day.

    No online banking and no realistic access to telephone banking = significant business damage via wasted time.

    We’ve been complaining and getting fobbed off for months.

    Any business considering Co-operative banking should steer clear until these problems have been resolved.

    Any organisation such as the Federation of Small Businesses that encourages businesses to join Co-operative banking should cease to do so until the Co-operative bank decide that their customers matter.

  13. Ian Day
    November 14, 2009

    These problems are not restricted to their online banking system.

    It has taken over three months to transfer our existing business bank account to the Co-Op (from RBS) and we have wasted many hours on the phone and travelling the 40 miles (round trip) to their nearesr branch.

    We decided to transfer as we are FSB members (and had no warning from them about these – well known – problems, so shame on the FSB too) and for ethical reasons. Lets hope some Money Box naming and shaming will have some results!!!

  14. Lesley
    November 14, 2009

    Sorry to hear about all your problems with the Co-op’s on-line system. I bank with Nationwide, which, though not specifically an ethical investor, at least is a mutual building society, aimed at sensibly helping people buy homes and not touched by the credit crunch. I was recommended to use it by my ethical investment adviser, but I was already a Nationwide customer.

    I’ve been an on-line banking customer at Nationwide for more than 8 years and have never had any problems with that service. Overall, no bank is perfect but I’m pretty satisfied with Nationwide, so if you get desperate enough with the Coop to need to switch, that might be an option.

    Best wishes


  15. Duncan Catchpole
    November 14, 2009

    Co-op internet business banking is indeed rubbish. My business is organic foods, so the ethical principles of the Co-op make them the natural choice for banking.
    I waste hours each week waiting between screens to make transactions. And more recently I’ve found that, although the payments system works reasonably well the homepage doesn’t display the balances. This is a real problem because we deposit money daily via girobank, and with the postal strikes these deposits have taken longer to appear in the account. How can you set up payments when you don’t know your account balance?
    Even when the website is working correctly its a bit Micky Mouse. I have previously banked with Natwest and when you made an online payment the money was immediately subtracted from the account balance. They also had a transaction search feature which was very useful.

  16. Philip J Yates
    November 14, 2009

    i have benn a account holder of the co-operative bank for 30 years and have been using the on line banking for the past five years. i use this service at least 4 0r 5 times a week without any problem i have just logged on to check my 3 account details and logged off no problem what so ever! so what is all the fuss about?

  17. Richard
    November 14, 2009

    Just listened to the money box program and could not agree more about the Co-op on line banking. It is terrible.

    I am a member of the FSB and opened up a co-op account a few months ago for a new business venture and I am really regretting it. The FSB really promoted this service but they should really warn members about the poor service. Not only is the online banking impossible to use but cheque payins via the post office take so long it is unbelievable. May be this is the fault of the post office, I do not know but that is the service the co-op use.

    The online banking is dreadfull. Most times when you log on you cannot vie the accounts so you have no idea what the current balance is, no idea if receipts are there and no idea if payments have been made. Just useless. I am in the IT business and if I provided this type of service to my customers I would be out of business in a very short space of time.

    On the radio today the FSB spokesperson said they had very few complaints from members but this is one. It would appear that these problems have been around for a long time so yes, shame on the FSB for promoting this facility. I will be voting with my feet and moving on.

  18. Peter Gedge
    November 15, 2009

    I heard your piece on BBC radio 4 yesterday and although I can’t comment on the Co-op Bank, I do have a number of accounts with their “sister”, Smile. I have never had any problems with them like you have had with the Co-op, and I have been with them for over 10 years.
    I respect you view on ethics and therefore if you do want to move your bank, how about to Smile? I assume they have the same ethical policy? There is of course no high st Smile banks that you can pop into, but you can always deposit at the post office, and with my nearest post office 200m away as compared to 7 miles to any bank, this works for me. All other transactions are done over the computer and problems if any have been very minor, and as usual helpful staff at the end of an electronic message.
    Just a though and maybe others have had similar comments
    Keep on keeping on

  19. Marc Palmer
    November 15, 2009

    Hi Peter,

    The piece on BBC R4 Money Box was about business banking. Co-op personal banking and Smile are fine. Its the business banking which uses a completely different hopless system!

  20. Barry R
    November 15, 2009

    Hi All,
    Sorry to hear all the problems with The Co-operative Bank Business Banking but B&TF has had a business account with them since 2002 and never had one problem! Accessing the website, paying bills or setting up direct debits etc has always been very smooth sailing for us so guess we must be a lucky account holder.
    However, would not consider changing because of the ethical policies and heard far worse from other banking establishments.
    Hope all gets sorted soon for you all.
    Take care.

  21. Marc Palmer
    November 15, 2009

    Well The Co-op bank are well aware of the problems, ask any of the customer services staff, plus the representative on the R4 program. You must be very lucky or receive priority treatment!

  22. Guy Dickinson
    November 15, 2009

    I’m another extremely disgruntled customer – I use Co-Op personal and business banking because I want to support an ethical organisation, but their Business banking web offering is so utterly useless (MP: edit), I am going to move banking providers.

    It’s been this bad for several years, and I have been repeatedly informed that it will improve “this Summer”. That was three years ago.

    The hassle of moving banks and informing clients etc. of details change means I won’t bother to return if/when Co-Op sort it.

    The interface for Smile is functional (and functions!), but that site hasn’t had any upgrade in usability (filtering by payee, date-range filtering anyone?) since early 2000′s = and that’s an internet only banking offering.

    I really fail to understand why a web architecture used by aspect of their business group hasn’t been able to be applied to another aspect of their banking offering.

    And if anyone from Co-Op is reading this – I’m part of a large IT business networking group in the North West ( with a high proportion if business owners – I’ve had to repeatedly advise these guys not to use Co-Op Business Banking.

    A shame, really – I my business to remain a customer, but Co-Op Biz Banking affects the way my business can be operated.

  23. Will
    November 15, 2009

    The BBC article about the pisspoor Co-op internet banking service quotes the head of the FSB as saying ‘the FSB has not had many complaints’ from the 20000 members it has steered into this fiasco. Well, I tried to complain to the FSB banking unit during normal working hours a few weeks ago and got put through to an answerphone. Twice. Service levels on a par with the Coop? I also wanted to know what other cracking banking deals the FSB had to suggest, but haven’t got that far yet.

  24. Will Roberts
    November 16, 2009

    I think I agree with just about every point about this over priced hopeless service.
    The online is years out of date and a pain to use, when it works.
    The phone service is either very slow or closed.
    The charges are excessive compaired to other banks.
    I have put up with this rubbish for years and it’s getting worse, no areas of real improvement. I have only stayed because of the ethical investment policy but now I have given up on them. I have been using another bank for a few months and will be fully closing my Coop account at the end of the year, everything works it’s quick almost free and mostly simple to do.
    The only good bit is when, or if, you get through to a real person they are good at their job and helpfull.

  25. Will Roberts
    November 16, 2009

    I also have a personal account with the Coop and it works fine, the problems are with their buisness banking. If you have buisness accounts that work well then please reply with how you do it or if you have a different buisness account type to the rest of us.

  26. Jon Roberts
    November 16, 2009

    I’ve been with Coop Business banking for 17 years. Their phone banking system has always been flawless but about five years ago when I signed up for the Internet offering I found it did not work so I decided to ignore it.

    I am amazed to hear that all these years later they have not sorted it out. Talk about inertia.

    The contrast with Smile is amazing, couldn’t they take key people from Smile and make their business banking site be just as good ?

  27. Phil
    November 16, 2009

    Their online banking is an absolute joke. I previously had my business banking with the Coop and my personal banking with Smile. Smile were great, worked a treat, never let me down. After failed promises from the coop that they were addressing their online banking problems, i moved my personal banking and business banking away from the coop to a small mutual building society (Cumberland Building Society) and never looked back. My new account is fabulous and the amount of time i save using this compared to the coop business account is incredible!

    I’m a member of the FSB so get free banking through the coop. I havent complained to the FSB, frankly i have better things to do. I dread to think of the amount of time i (and other businesses) have wasted trying to process transactions through their website.

    For anyone disgruntled with the online banking, just take the plunge and jump ship to another bank/building society. I’m all for ethical suppliers (i’m an ethical supplier myself) but when they continually hamper your business you can only waste so much time. They know about the problem – FACT. They have known about the problem for a long time – FACT. They havent fixed the problem – FACT.

    New system in Spring 2010? We’ll, lets wait and see. After previous assurances that they are working on the problem, i have little faith left.

    I’m sure they will lose plenty more customers between now and then, especially with the current negative press coverage.

  28. Marc Palmer » Blog Archive » Co-op Business banking – outcome of Radio 4 coverage is?
    November 16, 2009

    [...] So Radio 4’s Money Box program was kind enough to interview me and broadcast some of the complaints myself and a great many others have about The Co-Operative Bank’s awful online business banking system. [...]

  29. Mick Wood
    November 16, 2009

    The business banking at the Co-op sounds like a shambles. I have to say that, much as I like the Smile service, their site throws me out quite regularly – sometimes apparently in the middle of a transaction (although this has never created a real problem, it’s just annoying). Has anyone else experienced this?

  30. Bruce Elliott
    November 21, 2009

    I wholeheartedly concur with bad experiences in this thread – business banking at the coop has gone from bad to untenable this year. Not only is their online system disastrously unreliable, but it frequently takes ages to get through to them on the phone. They lost two items of post recently (I know the postal system has been problematic but the only things that went missing during the whole strike were sent to them) and they haven’t embraced any other communication technologies like online messaging or SMS. I’ve been trying to change addresses with them for a month without success and I can’t get any payin books from them.

    We’ve just changed to the Alliance & Leicester for the two businesses I run the finances for now and the improvement is vast, and the cost of banking much less. A no-brainer I’d suggest.

  31. Phil
    November 25, 2009

    Terrible business banking website, only operational if you’re very lucky. I’m losing count of the excuses and the promises to fix it. I expect to have a little spare time over Christmas and will use it to change bank. I also won’t forget that it was the FSB that recommended them – if that’s what they think is a service, they need a wake up call as well.

  32. Christian Dannemann
    November 26, 2009

    I have been with the Co-op for 4 years, and their on-line service is getting worse and worse. At the moment, I’m trying to do my monthly salary run (for 6 employees). I have spent 50 minutes so far, and managed to make 5 transfers. One every 10 Minutes!


    I have sent an e-mail to the IS Director which was never answered, and complaints on the phone have always been answered with the standard response that a new system will come into place soon – same answer for the last 4 years!

    If this was my business, I would have had the IS Director frogmarched out with a cardboard box. If you can’t resolve a problem like this in 4 years, you have no idea how to run information technology infrastructure – go get a job at McDonalds. Or maybe not, because people would have to wait an hour for their meal.

    So, dear Board of Directors of the Co-op bank: Please fire your IS Director. Thanks.

  33. Solveig harris
    December 3, 2009

    I have just completed my form for an official complaint to the ombudsman for mis-selling and compensation for my wasted time. Coop have obviously known for years that their electronic service is totally inadequate but are still advertising this service to new customers like me. Their response to my complaint was that the business account was designed as a telephone banking service, which had always been available as an alternative ! Neatly ignoring my point that when the internet is not available the phone service is flooded with calls so also unavailable, and after all it should be my choice. Their attitude to their customers is unethical. I urge others to make formal complaints requedting compensation, and take it to the ombudsman as well.

  34. Andrew
    January 27, 2010

    Wonderful! Coop takes Business Banking offline at 5.30pm 27st Jan – i.e. the busiest day of the month as customers process payments to arrive on Friday 29th. Fortunately I had preloaded employee salaries but currently waiting to get back on to pay suppliers :-(

    (Yes I know I can use telephone banking but my experience last time I used this was these phone transaction take 4 days, rather then 3 via internet banking so there is nothint to be gained anyway!)

  35. T Hood
    February 3, 2010

    I have to take issue with some of the people who are advocating the Co-operative bank’s subsidiary – Smile. Although they are nowhere near as bad as the Co-operative bank’s business service, they still suffer from the same underlying problem that affects the whole of the Co-operative Bank group of companies – chronic under-investment. This becomes really obvious when you look at how antiquated the Smile internet banking service is when compared to other banks, and how poorly trained and under-resourced their staff are. When viewing your accounts on the Smile website:

    - you don’t get a running total of what’s in your account (making it hard to budget)
    - the ‘available balance’ is pointless as it doesn’t factor in things such as earmarked funds from debit card payments (if you go to a cash machine, you get a totally different figure)
    - you can’t search for transactions on your statements (why does an internet bank need ‘monthly statements’ anyway??? Makes it very user unfriendly as you have to keep going to a central page to click on ‘pages’ of your statements.
    - you can’t download statements.
    - Faster payments are rubbish. You can only send a limit of £150 (when the system is actually working).
    - Paying money in (particularly cheques) can be a nightmare. Branches are few and far between, and paying in via the post office is a hit and miss affair – it can take from a minimum of 4 working days, right up to 6 or 7 working days before the transaction even appears on your account (you’re not earning interest on the cheques in the meantime either). Although the funds are then available to you when this transaction does eventually show up on your account, they are not actually ‘cleared,’ as I subsequently found out when a cheque I’d paid in that way bounced. So, you can be waiting up to 10 working days before you know that a cheque has indeed been formally ‘cleared.’

    The whole group also suffers from a corporate culture that used to be associated with a lot of mutual companies – amateurism and muddling through as long as they don’t have to spend any money on anything.

    Speaking for myself, I’ve had nothing but trouble with Smile. I now only use them as a budgeting account, and, if I’m honest, as a source of easy money. They have done so many simple things wrong over the years that I inevitably end up with them paying me compensation. I’ve had around £600 from them over the past 3 years for basic errors they’ve made. These include:

    - Promising to send me a new debit card before I went on holiday to NYC (as it was due to expire when I was away). the card did not arrive as they said it would, and when I told them, they cancelled the wrong debit card, leaving me with no access to the money in my account. They then took a further FIVE weeks to send me another debit card and pin number. This case went to the Financial Ombudsman who ordered them to pay me £150 in compensation. Smile then took a further 6 weeks to pay me the money, and we had to threaten them with enforcement of this payment by the FSA.
    - The previous year they ‘forgot’ to order me a new debit card at all which I had to chase up with them and which took weeks.
    - I lost my Smile credit card in 2008. It was a few days before my statement was due. When a credit card is reported lost, it screws up their antiquated IT systems and you (and seemingly they) can’t access your accounts until the new one has been issued. I called them up to ask what my minimum repayment should be and they told me a figure. It turned out that this figure was wrong, I had underpaid, and they wanted to charge me £30 for it.
    - They messed up balance transfers from other credit cards I have by typing in the wrong digits.
    - They recently bounced cheques from my account, despite the fact that the money was in my account to cover them – the smile web site showed that the cheques had indeed been paid out with no problem – until 5pm that day. Then they were shown as returned. When I contacted them they said ‘oh if you had contacted us before 3pm we could have sorted it.’ To make matters more confusing, the smile systems then completely wiped the record of those cheques (and their subsequent ‘bouncing’) from my account – making it harder to find the day all this happened when I subsequently complained.

    All in all, the Co-op bank, and indeed Smile, does offer a pretty sub-standard service. They do get away with a lot of things that other banks wouldn’t – simply because they have an ethical investment policy.

  36. GSR
    February 6, 2010

    I used to use the Business Banking service as well, before internet banking meant anything that could pass as a genuine service, (sounds like little has changed )and back then found the phone service little better (endless delays on phone service etc). I’ve done my personal banking with them for 16 years and I couldn’t say it was an error free service either, but I have to say I’ve had no grumbles for the past 6 years, in fact I couldn’t be happier. Bruce Elliot seems to have the right approach, if it ain’t working for you move – and make sure someone senior gets a letter/email telling them exactly why you are moving). Shame that a business with such great ethics and potentially culture changing environmentalism at it’s heart, doesn’t seem to be listening to it’s business customers. I’m going to send them a link to this post… and comments.

  37. GSR
    February 6, 2010

    …I sent the string to @cfspressteam ( no obvious email for business banking… can’t wait to see what happens.

  38. T Hood
    February 8, 2010

    In response to Solveig harris:

    When complaints are taken to the Ombudsman a firm pays a £500 case fee to them, regardless of whether they win or lose the case. The number of complaints about a firm is also now recorded and published by the Ombudsman on their web site (which the press also pick up on). So, if you want to get the Co-op Bank’s attention about this, then referring your case to the Ombudsman may be the way forward.

  39. A Nguyen
    June 28, 2010

    Same problem here. I started to believe that this move was a big mistake…

  40. Nicky Walker
    February 10, 2011

    Me again, just to let you know we moved our account to LloydsTSB about a year ago and have never had a problem- not once!

  41. peter laszlo
    June 20, 2011

    I found this site while browsing while waiting on the phone to to co op bank, 20 munites now and it has been over a week that I have tried to contact them to transfer money abroad. The serive is terrible

  42. Sonia B
    August 4, 2011

    As you can probably gather, I’m commenting due to the same problem. I have only been with Coop for a couple of months, but nevertheless, I am highly disappointed with them. I moved to Coop from Lloyd’s (as my account with Lloyd’s is the most basic current account which only allows me to use my card at designated Lloyd’s cash points) So moving to the Coop seemed a good idea at the time purely for convenience. I didn’t close my Lloyds account which I’m so glad I didn’t. The internet banking for Coop is completely useless, I have no idea from one day to the next how much I have got in my account, as a result I am scared to use it in case I go overdrawn.
    For example 4 days ago I checked my balance – £26 (available balance – £35???) I bought a bottle of milk. This morning I put £10 petrol in my boyfriends car, I checked my balance before I paid and it informed me my balance was £16 (so after petrol would be £6) I came home this afternoon and checked my balance online £26, but I have been paid £57 in child tax credits and this is not showing. So which is it? £63 or £6. I think it is absolutely shocking. If it was my Lloyds it would give me my actual balance NOW despite any items that may be in transit, it will still give me my true balance. Needless to say I WILL be leaving the Coop and I think alot of others will be doing the same if they don’t pull their bloody fingers out!!!

  43. Jon
    December 20, 2011

    I am a coop business customer and today I have gone online to find out they have removed the ability to make future dated payments!! On phoning told you can only do them as immediate payments on the day you want them made. Very useful over Xmas paying staff and suppliers :-(

  44. Marc Palmer
    December 20, 2011

    That is class. Did they say why?

  45. Chris
    January 10, 2012

    Oh Dear, I only took the Co-op account as they offered a better mortgage deal if I did.

    I was shocked about how basic the online banking is. With all of the errors being reported it does not go far enough to assure me that my money is safe in there.

    Time Co-op brought their website up-to-date!!

  46. John Mcgeechan
    July 24, 2012

    Cancelled my business account with them today.

    I moved to them because of their ethical policies. However, that should not be something that the co-op uses a get-out-of-jail to excuse a truly execrable on-line banking system or their poor customer service.

    One such bungling literally cost me about 6,000 pounds, but that’s another story..

    have switched to Triodos, so far so good…

  47. Martin
    March 26, 2013

    Their online banking service feels like something cobbled together in the days of Ceefax. Very clunky and un-user friendly. I installed the iPhone app and for the last couple of weeks it has given me ‘service unavailable’ when I want to quickly check my balance.

    I hope they put more effort into their online security than they do into the non-functionality.

  48. m oboyle
    March 30, 2013

    i have been a coop customer for 45 years and have no problems with them