Rejoice! Grails 1.0 is here

Posted by: on Feb 5, 2008 | One Comment

Now, if you can reach the Grails website you will be able to download Grails Version 1.0, which has finally "gone gold" and has brought the Codehaus server to its knees already it seems! Give the Codehaus guys some time to rig up something that will oil the wheels a bit, as there’s a definite overload situation going on with the site.


Most people understand that psychologically a 1.0 release is important. It sets the baseline and foundation for what is to come in the future. Grails 1.0 is incredibly rich in terms of core features, and has a growing list of free plugins that add all manner of powerful functionality.

Grails 1.0 has a powerful ORM DSL now for tweaking what Hibernate does behind the scenes in an intuitive way, including index generation. We’ve also now got Hibernate’s second-level caching in there. Not to mention the frankly pretty twisted auto unmarshalling of JSON/xml request payloads into beans, and the withFormat content negotiation stuff.

We have also put together a framework for automatically running functional web tests on "specimen" applications held in SVN as part of the Grails continuous integration builds. There are some teething troubles with the server environment but the whole process is working locally, and we just need to fill SVN with some good test apps with, more importantly, some comprehensive webtest scripts.

This will effectively form a kind of "TCK" for Grails and will ensure stability against the 1.0 baseline functionality – in addition to the large number of unit tests that Grails undergoes constantly as part of the continuous integration build platform (the rather excellent Bamboo as it happens). Contributions of non-trivial applications with comprehensive unit and webtests would be appreciated.

This is in addition to the work Graeme did to tie together Groovy SVN HEAD and Grails SVN HEAD in continuous integration to ensure that we spot any changes to Groovy that break Grails as early as possible, as well as giving the Groovy team a great stock of code to run their changes against.

We’re looking forward to talking to all the new Grails users that this 1.0 release will bring!



1 Comment

  1. Dave Klein
    February 5, 2008

    This is awesome news! I know you’ve done a lot to bring Grails to this point, so Thank You! Thanks also and congratulations to the whole Grails dev team. You guys are the greatest!