Announcing my new blog:

Announcing my new blog:

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I’ve decided to stop most of my blogging on this AnyWare blog which has served me well for nearly 10 years now. It has become too much of a mish-mash of topics.

A blast from the past, a sign of changing times

A blast from the past, a sign of changing times

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I discovered an interview I did for Wiley around 1996 when I had built my Channel Maker app for Windows, for creating offline web subscription channels using the CDF format on Windows. I don’t remember any of this, and its interesting to see how something so potentially useful like CDF/Pointcast channels just died as bandwidth improved.

Thanks to the Wayback machine we can see the full 1990s horror of my old website and the app, and lack of understanding that bullet lists should stop at or before 5 items.

All about the APIs

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For the big “global market” apps at least, it really is all about the APIs. Listening to the latest “Critical Path” podcast with Horace Dedieu, there are some great and compelling speculations. Episode 76 Google vs. Android is really worth listening all the way through for observations about the current state of Android and Google.

Doing stuff for free, and who keeps communities alive?

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If you’ve never listened to Mule Radio’s “Let’s Make Mistakes” podcast, you probably should. Mike Monteiro and Leah Reich are smart and entertaining, and occasionally deliberately offensive (which I like). Most of my readers are likely to be programmers, and at first it might seem there is not much overlap. If you are a freelance developer or somebody who cares about running businesses that don’t suck, or have an interest in design you probably will get a lot from it. I do, and it also makes me laugh as much as it makes me think – which is quite a lot.

A change to my Grails plugins

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Here’s the deal. I’ve worked really hard in various ways to help push the Grails platform forward for the last 6 years or so. I absolutely love Grails and would not currently choose any other web framework to make web apps.

However it is completely unsustainable for me to work unpaid on this stuff, in fact I should have called this a year or two ago. Releasing plugins used in many peoples’ apps involves a high degree of responsibility, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.